Taste your way out of the supermarket.

London’s independent wine market - sampling, shopping,
eating and drinking with the best independent shops and sellers.
See you in 2018.

Wine Car Boot 2017

Kings Cross N1C

Saturday 10th June 2017

12pm - 8pm

Free entry and fully covered.
Just turn up and start tasting.
Glasses, tokens, and tasting packs available on the day.

Tasting packs £10

Tote / Govino glass / Five tokens / Bottle of water

Pay as you go

Tote £5 / Govino glass £2.50 / Token £1 ea. / Water £1


Find us under the West Handyside Canopy, Kings Cross, located between Central St Martins and Waitrose, just off Granary Square. 

See you there! 

“…staggeringly distinctive events called Wine Car Boot…”

“…have never experienced such a cool, friendly atmosphere at a public wine tasting.”

Jancis Robinson

Wine Car Boot is London’s pop up independent wine market.

Each car boot or stall is an independent wine retailer – plus the occasional producer – with a selection of their wines for you to taste, buy, drink in or take out. Just like any other market it’s free to get in. Simply turn up and either buy bottles to take home or pick up a tasting pack (glass, tokens, water, bag) and get stuck in.

Whether you want to taste, drink or shop there’s something for everyone, from fledging enthusiasts to seasoned tasters and solid session drinkers. We want more people to drink better wine, more of the time. And that doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Wine Car Boot is about getting to know the huge amount of authentic, affordable and delicious wines (and the people selling them) all across London. If you need a break from wine there’s beer, plus a bit of music and plenty of food from some of London’s best street food traders and chefs.

So far over 30 of London’s wine shops have joined us, and a few from further afield, including some of our home grown producers of English fizz. The first one was in Hackney on 1st September 2013 and to date we have done eight all over the city (and went on tour to South Africa).

Thank you for supporting and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Ruth + Ruth

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“If buying wine from the back of a van makes you think of Del Boy’s antics, then think again – Wine Car Boot’s a far classier affair.”


Time Out